Danielle Breidung, M.Ed. Founder & Lead Synergist

Danielle Breidung, M.Ed.
Founder & Lead Synergist

Welcome to Lowcountry Synergy!

Global. Informed. Solution-oriented. 

Welcome to Lowcountry Synergy, where you will find all of these qualities and more in the small corner of paradise in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Whether it is for the local community or beyond, Lowcountry Synergy is well-poised to help your organization achieve its mission more effectively and cost-efficiently.

While we are adept at operations and technical support, strategic information services, as well as grant-writing and resource development, Lowcountry Synergy is excited to tackle the myriad of issues that non-profit and public organizations encounter.  We specialize in innovative, globally-informed, and solution-driven support.  

Lowcountry Synergy offers customized consulting services designed to meet your non-profit or public organization's specific needs and objectives!  

Please take advantage of a free consultation today.